Bonner County Sheriff’s Office
Volunteer Search And Rescue


  • To develop and maintain a professional, general and technical level of search and rescue services to serve Bonner County.

  • To fulfill the Sheriff’s Mission as prescribed by Idaho Code 31-229(1)(b)(c)(2) to search for and rescue lost and/or missing citizens in Bonner County.

  • To assist, when called upon, neighboring agencies with missions involving search and rescue.

BCSOVSAR Objectives


  • To provide adequate training opportunities to the team members to fulfill our mission.

  • To recruit and equip new members to a general and technical level of competence in a variety of search and rescue disciplines.

  • To reduce the response time of SAR volunteers by expanding the pool of volunteers to include all of Bonner County.

Bonner County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search and Rescue (BCSOVSAR) is a county-level agency devoted to fulfilling the Sheriff’s mission of providing a trained team to assist lost and/or injured citizens within Bonner County. BCSOVSAR organizes training and field exercises within Bonner County to assist in the team’s ability to fulfill this mission.