Animal Control

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Animal Control Unit is under the direction of the Professional Standards Lieutenant. The Patrol Deputies conduct enforcement of all state and local animal control ordinances. We primarily deal with dogs and horses, but can also deal with other livestock such as cattle, llamas, alpacas, mules and sheep. Investigations that require more expertise are handled by one of our Deputies who has a vast knowledge of animal care and animal husbandry.

Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Animals

We handle hundreds of calls each year regarding dogs at large. Idaho State Code and The Bonner County Revised Code (BCRC) Title 10, requires dog owners to keep their dogs from running at large. Another common complaint is citizens reporting barking dogs. The BCRC requires dog owners or caretakers to keep the dogs from becoming a nuisance due to noise.

To make a running at large, nuisance or abuse and neglect case, please call the Bonner County Dispatch at 265-5525.


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