Neighborhood Watch Program

Sheriff Seeks Observant Lookouts

Sheriff Daryl Wheeler asks for your help in keeping you and your family safe and informed. Join the network of neighbors who serve effectively as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their communities. 

Neighborhood watch works effectively at the block level because neighbors can see and hear activity take place within their community.  Neighbors are able to let each other know when they will be away from their residence for any period of time.  Neighbors can make sure upkeep is done on the residence so it does not appear vacant.  They will also be able to report any vehicles or persons at the residence that are not authorized to be there.

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office Community Force aims to protect citizens, their homes and their property from criminal activity.  A Business Watch program is also currently being developed. Those joining the Community Force will be given detailed information about current crime trends and ways to prevent crime in their neighborhoods.  Citizens working in partnership with law enforcement help keep communities safe.

Contact Sheryl Kins at (208) 263-8417 extension 3049 to join the Community Force and keep your neighborhood safe.  

More than Basic Crime Prevention

Practice crime safety measures that eliminate opportunites for criminals. Encourage others to join in crime prevention efforts. Aid others when they become victms of crime. Work for a better and safer neighborhood through protecting and honoring the rights of others.

Disaster Preparedness

Learn skills to prepare for man-made and natural disasters. Local, state and federal government do a lot to prepare for disasters, but citzens have to be ready to care for each other. Encourage citzen involvement in preparation and planning.

Build a Stronger Community

Get to know your neighbors. In our fast-paced world, we don’t spend enough time learning about our neighbors. Watch groups give community members reason to get together and talk about making their community a better place. Neighborhood Watch activities are a fun way for community members to get to know each other while making a difference.

FREE Community Force Sign

Each Neighborhood Watch group member that signs up receives a free Community Force sign to display and notify everyone that our neighbors are looking out for each other. 

Why Call The Sheriff?

Law enforcement agencies cannot function effectively without assistance from the public.  We rely on you to call whenever suspicious activity is observed.

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Some people fail to call law enforcement because they are unaware of what suspicious activity entails, or they don’t want to be the “nosy” neighbor.  They may be afraid that it will be nothing and don’t want to bother the police.

The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office asks you to call law enforcement immediately if you see what appears to be suspicious activity.  Don’t be worried that you are bothering us, as that is our job.  We would rather it be nothing, than wonder why you didn’t call when a major crime was committed.

911 Information

Here’s what information you’re going to be asked to give when you call 911. Remember to speak clearly and that dispatches are made even while the operator is talking.

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  1. What is the address of the emergency?
  2. What is a good telephone number for you?
  3. What is going on?
  4. When did this occur?
  5. Does anyone need medical attention?
  6. Did you get a vehicle description?
  7. What direction did the vehicle leave?
  8. What is a good description of the suspicious person?

    IE: Clothing, approx. height & weight, race, scars, marks or tattoos.

  9. Were there any weapons observed?
  10. Your personal information

What is Suspicious?

Here is a list of examples of suspicious activities for which to be on the lookout. If

the suspect is still around, call 9-1-1. If not, call (208) 265-5525.

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  1. A stranger is entering your neighbor’s house when it’s unoccupied.
  2. Any strange screams or loud noises in the neighborhood, e.g. yelling or breaking glass.
  3. Someone coming to your door to sell items at a low price, (could mean stolen property).
  4. Anyone removing items from a car or house that you do not recognize or the house should be vacant.
  5. Vehicles driving slowly through the neighborhood that you have not seen before.
  6. People loitering in the area you have not seen before.

When to call 911

Any time there is there is a situation where immediate help is needed please don’t hesitate to call 911 for any type of emergencies. 

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When to call 911:

  1. Structure fire
  2. A medical emergency
  3. You witness a crime or possible crime in progress – Example: There is a suspicious vehicle at your neighbor’s house and your neighbor is currently out of town
  4. Car accident
  5. Any threat to life
  6. Any threat to property


You are welcome to call our non-emergency dispatch number (208) 265-5525 to have a deputy dispatched but the situation shouldn’t take precedence over emergencies. 

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When to call our dispatch number:

  1. Cold burglaries or thefts (the suspects have already left with the items)
  2. Inquiring how long a road will be blocked from an accident
  3. A loud party or barking dog
  4. Current weather conditions
  5. A power outage
  6. Burst water pipes